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Hoskins, Hill & Hill is a full-service law firm serving the people of Laurel, Knox, Whitley, Bell, Harlan, and McCreary counties. We’re a small firm, with three attorneys who offer personalized service, and we handle a variety of legal needs for the people of southeastern Kentucky, including:

Personal Injury. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s careless behavior, we may be able to help. Hoskins, Hill & Hill excels at achieving favorable outcomes for victims of personal injury cases. Learn more about how the Personal Injury Lawyers at Hoskins, Hill & Hill can be of service to you.

Slip & Fall. Slip and fall cases involve a personal injury that occurs due to a hazard – such as a spill or a tripping hazard. Sometimes, people who sustain these injuries don’t realize how badly they’re hurt until hours or days later. Back injuries, in particular, may not seem serious at first, but can worsen over time, so even when people feel their slip-and-fall injuries are not serious, they should still seek legal advice as soon as possible. Learn more about Slip and Fall Accidents.

Wrongful Death. This most extreme type of personal injury occurs when someone is negligent in a way that causes another person’s death. Wrongful death cases may also include medical malpractice and defective product actions. Families whose loved one was fatally injured by someone with intent to do harm might also be able to pursue a wrongful death case in civil court. Learn more about Wrongful Death Lawsuits.

Vehicle Accidents. Regardless of the type of vehicle, many accidents are caused by some type of error, such as distracted driving, speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol. These behaviors can cause serious bodily harm, when operating a boat, an ATV, a motorcycle, truck, or car. When a person’s carelessness causes a crash that injures another person, the injured party may be able to collect compensation that covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitative care. Learn more about motor vehicle accidents.

Car Accidents. Many people assume that insurance will cover their losses and injuries if they’re involved in a car wreck. But insurers may attempt to disprove someone’s claim of personal injury or pay less than they should. An experienced lawyer can help protect your rights after a car wreck and give you the best opportunity to be fairly compensated for your losses. Learn more about how our car accident lawyers can help you receive compensation.

Truck Crashes. When you live near Interstate 75, you know that truck wrecks are, unfortunately, a part of life in eastern Kentucky. Collisions involving a truck and one or more vehicles often have serious or fatal consequences. When truck drivers or truck companies cause a crash due to poor personnel or equipment management, or other behaviors, they should be held accountable for their actions. Learn more about how a truck accident lawyer can help you.

Motorcycle Wrecks. Because motorcyclists aren’t protected by the crash cages and airbags found in most passenger cars, they can be seriously injured in a wreck. One of the most serious injuries for motorcyclists is a traumatic brain injury – or TBI – which can cause a range of symptoms from headache to persistent vegetative state. In these cases – or in any motorcycle injury case – victims need an attorney who will work hard to get them the compensation they deserve. Learn more about how our motorcycle accident attorneys can assist you and your family.

Family Law. Family law broadly covers any legal issue a person may encounter in family interactions. Divorce, child custody, and child visitation are three of the most common reasons people seek family law help. In family law cases not involving abuse, Hoskins, Hill & Hill sometimes uses mediation to facilitate an amicable resolution between all parties, so families can avoid going to court. In cases of abuse and neglect, people may need a lawyer to file for a protective order or to initiate proceedings to have a child removed from a dangerous living situation. Read more about how our family law attorneys can help you and your loved ones.

Divorce. In a divorce, your personal lawyer will look out for your best interests and work toward a resolution that creates a fair division of assets and property. When children are involved, a lawyer can help defend your rights as a parent and ensure that any agreement about custody and parenting time is what’s best for the child, and in line with the child’s wishes. Learn more about our how our Corbin divorce lawyers can help litigate your divorce case.

Bankruptcy. When people find they have no other options for resolving their debts, they may choose to enter protected bankruptcy status. There are different versions of bankruptcy, and depending on which one people choose, they may lose some of their assets. An attorney can explain which option is best for people, based on their specific financial situation. Learn more about how bankruptcy attorneys can help alleviate your financial situation.

Criminal Defense. Good people sometimes make bad choices. Being charged with a crime, whether in Kentucky state court or federal court, is a serious matter with serious consequences such as the loss of employment and of freedom. Hoskins, Hill & Hill will get charges dismissed in the preliminary stages of the criminal process if possible, but if not, we will work hard to achievable favorable trial results, including acquittals, reduced pleas, and shorter sentences. Read more about how a criminal defense attorney can represent you in your time of need.

Appellate Law. One must move quickly to appeal a ruling from a court and enlist the help of lawyers who understand how to make a successful argument for their clients. Hoskins, Hill & Hill has represented people in civil and criminal appeals, so we understand what judges want to see when reviewing a case on appeal. Learn more about how our appellate attorneys can help you.

Estate Planning & Trusts. Estate planning may involve personal decisions about passing assets down to heirs, end-of-life care, guardianship, and a number of other issues. The lawyers at Hoskins, Hill & Hill can help families work through some of these trying decisions together and create a binding legal document that honors the wishes of loved ones. Read more about how our estate planning lawyers can help your family prepare for the future.

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