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Vehicle accidents cost the United States about $300 billion per year. That figure includes property damage, medical costs, the loss of individual and household earnings, and compensation paid to people whose quality of life deteriorates.

And while the financial cost of car wrecks is staggering, the psychological impact of crashes can be even more severe. Survivors of crashes may experience long-term anxiety, sleep disturbances, and emotional problems. Families may struggle with feelings of loss and regret when loved ones die in a crash or suffer a permanently disabling injury.

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Many serious car crashes make the newspaper or TV news, but very few reports discuss how families carry on after a tragic crash. Survivors may recover and get a settlement that covers their immediate medical bills, but what will happen if they need long-term care, or if they can no longer work, due to disability? What will happen to their family home, or their children’s college fund?

The car injury attorneys at Hoskins, Hill & Hill want to help people in and around Corbin, KY, achieve outcomes that will take care of their needs – not just today, but in the long-run. If another driver’s carelessness caused injures for you or someone in your family, you might be entitled to compensation.

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Dangerous Drivers

Some accidents happen because of factors beyond a driver’s control. Usually, however, driver behavior is a major cause of car wrecks.

On Dec. 24, 2012, a Harlan County family died when a driver crossed the median of U.S. 25 East and hit their car head-on. The driver, a resident of Whitley County, had been arrested Dec. 5 for driving on a suspended license, and that suspension had occurred because he had failed to respond to a previous citation for driving without a license or insurance. The facts leading up to that fatal crash show that some people don’t care about the laws designed to keep our roadways safe. In a crash report, police can name up to three contributing factors – such as fatigue or improper turning – for each driver involved. According to the most recent edition of the Kentucky State Police publication “Traffic Collision Facts,” of 147,838 crashes in 2012:

  • Inattention was by far the most common individual driver error, contributing to 49,507 crashes, 138 of which were fatal.
  • Alcohol and drug involvement were a factor in 6,147 crashes.
  • Speeding was a factor in 1,264 crashes.
  • Tailgating was a factor in 7,709 crashes.

It’s clear that even if you are a safe driver, there are plenty of people out there who drive in a way that puts everyone else on the road at risk for a crash.

Recourse for Car Wreck Victims

The State Police collision report also breaks down the cost of Kentucky car crashes, separating damage by two categories:

  • Economic cost, which covers all expenses that can be assigned a dollar amount, such as car repairs or medical bills
  • Comprehensive cost, which includes subjective effects, such as loss of quality of life.

Using data from 2011 – the most recent year for which data was available – the report concluded that Kentucky year-total comprehensive costs for car crashes were approximately $5.7 billion. That amount includes about $3.4 million for fatalities and $861,000 for incapacitating injuries.

Families who have experienced a serious car crash may incur significant expenses that can drain their savings. That’s why it’s so important to talk to a lawyer after a wreck. Even if you are partially to blame for a crash, you might still be entitled to compensation if the other party is deemed to have incurred a greater share of the fault.

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Local Car Accident Lawyers, Extensive Experience

With only about 21,000 residents altogether, Corbin and North Corbin don’t see a lot of car accidents. But Interstate 75 brings thousands of people through this area every year, traveling at high speeds, and that accounts for many auto accidents in our part of the state.

Kentucky State Police say that in 2012, drivers in car collisions were most often residents of the local area where the crash occurred. Non-local drivers who were state residents accounted for 23 percent of crashes, and out-of-state drivers were involved in 10 percent of crashes.

When out-of-state drivers cause local car crashes that harm people, the injured party needs an automobile accident lawyer with experience handling cases involving insurance policies in other states. Hoskins, Hill & Hill has that kind of experience.

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